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#5 Las Vegas Raiders fined for Covid-19 violations

#5 Las Vegas Raiders fined for Covid-19 violations

The 2020 season has not been particularly kind to the Las Vegas Raiders. They have a 4-3 record at the time of this writing and a  history of Covid-19 incidents. From Jon Gruen not wearing his mask correctly during a game against the Saints and then getting caught with unauthorized personnel in the locker room after the game, the Raiders have been making a joke of protocol. 

Unfortunately for the Raiders, this has resulted in a 500,000$ team fine and a 150,000$ fine for John Gruden, who has repeatedly allowed his team to break protocol. The Raiders were also stripped of a 2021 sixth-round pick., which will likely hurt them in the draft. This all came after the Trent Brown incident, which was the result of several violations on the part of the team. 

If they had just bothered to follow protocol like they were asked, key players would be on the field and not on the Covid-19 reserve list.