What’s more exciting than the Vegas fall wine season? It's not only the perfect time to drop by and explore the city but also the best opportunity to taste amazing wine selections, both local and international. This year's season breaks with a wave of good tidings, talk of new tasting rooms, stores, and top-notch restaurants offering impressive varieties of quality wines. Here’s is what to expect in this year’s season:

1. Booming Enterprise, a New Joint in Town!

Booming Enterprise, a New Joint in Town!

Barbara and John DiVirgilio might have started their wine business as an accident, but their efforts in the business are quite impressive. What began as an endeavor to impress family and friends in Pittsburg developed into a high-flying business, the Pine Hollow Winery that the couple intends to bring to Vegas. The entity was born back in 2015 with an ability to produce up to 500 gallons a year, but the competition was a little overwhelming, something Vegas residents can be thankful for.

The new joint is expected to open up on 7018 W. Charleston Blvd with 15 wine types on the menu. The varieties will feature blueberry, strawberry, and orange flavors that you will undoubtedly enjoy. At only $ 7 and $ 8 a glass, you will have something amazing.